A Venture Installment: #1 – May is coming.

I’ve been told that most blogs need some sort of trademark post. I’m going to surrender willingly and say that posts dealing with adult swim’s The Venture Bros. will be my shiny badge. This should come as no surprise to most of you, the rest of you will soon learn that this show holds a spot very close to the top of “My Favorite Things”, (my username being a quiet, indirect reference.)

Onwards! For those who don’t know, we all get new Venture on May 19th! A date that is branded into the minds of every fan by now.

A few weeks ago, the sneak peek for Season 5 was released to the public, (everyone at NYCC got to see this same preview last year, myself included) and it is jam packed with just about every character you missed, and some you didn’t even know you did.

Also, a glimmering Flash Gordon reference that I posted about on Tumblr.

(More Venture crap after the jump!)

Malcolm the Merciless

(Malcolm the Merciless. Please accept this lazily screencapped photo from the actual Tumblr post as my sacrifice, post is linked through the photo.)

(From Jackson Publick’s Tumblr, linked through the photo.)

More recently, co-creator Jackson Publick posted a still on his Tumblr mentioning that adult swim is going to start airing 30 second commercial previews for the new season. A clear Game of Thrones reference in this one, probably the scene he mentioned briefly at the Venture Bros. Dragon*Con panel last September. I’m regrettably missing these new previews (and the new season of GoT), but I’m quietly waiting for them to surface on the internet (and uhh..maybe for the latter as well.)

So now I’m arriving at this point where I don’t want to leave all you non-believers in a cloud of confusion as to what the fuck I’m talking about. Well, aren’t you in luck! Netflix has ever so graciously released the first season of The Venture Bros. on Instant watch, along with a slew of other great Cartoon Network programming. This comes as a shock to me, since I was starting to believe the quality of Netflix’s line-up was seriously dwindling. This astute obervation may or may not have happened when they decided to remove Peep Show from their slate.

Anyways! If you have Netflix, get on that! Treat yourself! But please, DO NOT watch what they have marked as “the first episode”, for it is full of lies. “The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay” is the show’s Pilot episode and it is..special. Most superfans agree with this method: Skip over the Pilot for now, watch the first season, watch the Pilot, scoop your jaw off of the floor and move on.


(Not a lame April Fool’s Joke! Photo via Venture Bros. Blog)

When you see it, you will know. Fans accept the Pilot and the whole first season as a shocking perspective of how far the show has come, the 10 year anniversary of the Pilot airing passed a month or so ago. So please, heed my warning and get comfy, you’ve got 4 seasons (and 3 specials) to catch up on!

Rounding out this installment, a recent Tumblr follower brought his commission by Douglas Lovelace (storyboard artist for the show) to my attention, and it is nothing short of glorious and leaves me totally jealous.

(S.P.H.I.N.X. commission by Douglas Lovelace, via jpjones1970. Linked through the photo.)


And then, things I do to amuse myself around my desk area. In which “Doc!” gets mighty confusing.

I believe I’ve filled this installment past the brim. Until next time..

- Katie

2 responses to “A Venture Installment: #1 – May is coming.

  1. Capt.AwesomeSauce

    “Ghosts of the Sargasso” will always hold a very special place in my heart, and was when I really fell in love with the show in a huge way. I agree with what you said though, skip the pilot, meet speedy and the gang (poor speedy), and settle in for a ride. But god, 10 years?? Has it really been so long??? The show still feels so new, fresh and like we’re still in the first part of a very long novel. Amazing.

    • ‘Ghosts of the Sargasso’ was the first episode I saw. I’m glad it was, too. That Pilot would have left a sour taste, but I’m sure I would have given the show another shot out of curiosity. Dr. Venture alone is enough for someone to “survive” that Pilot.
      It has been a very long time! It’s so tight-knit. It also retains a longevity because the creators are so rabidly into almost every character. It is definitely amazing.

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