Between weekends | C2E2 things


It’s been a while since we’ve had a mundane post with little direction, let’s fix that.

THIS WEEKEND – Extra-Super Special Newsflash: I’ll be at C2E2 (April 26-28), working meticulously behind the scenes primarily at the BLAM! table in Artist Alley (G17). You should, without fear, scrape your way through the enormous crowd to buy comics (and commissions, and prints..and adoration) from Chandra Free and Drew Gaska. Now I’m not saying you should find me and kiss my rings, but I’ll accept any and all untampered coffee donations, for I will need them this weekend.

LAST WEEKEND – A mind melding transmission sent out by the one and only James Urbaniak was captured by the economy-sized satellite dish that protrudes from my skull. The message: “Hey, do you want to be an extra in a music video I’m co-directing?” There is only one answer to this. So a Sunday afternoon was spent outside (I know!), being the most observational person-thing I could be.

drazyhoops(James Urbaniak, David Avallone wielding iPad magick, and Drazy Hoops whipping it real good.)

When the video makes it’s shining debut to the world, I’ll let you all see how mediocre I am at lip-syncing Devo songs.


Hey, HEY. I BOUGHT A THING. A thing with a semi-naked lady on it. I then proceeded to take a photo of it in the restroom of a dim sum restaurant. Great, awesome, wunderbar.


Because the day before conventions are a slice of purgatory where electronics turn on you and you have massive amounts of laundry to tend to, I leave you with a beagle emulating how I feel at this moment.

- Katie

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2 responses to “Between weekends | C2E2 things

  1. You find the funniest things when you engage in googlebation.

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