Covenant : 4/16/15

tumblr_nmyd0nBrKs1qzdl9go1_500 tumblr_nmyd0nBrKs1qzdl9go2_1280 tumblr_nmyd0nBrKs1qzdl9go3_1280 tumblr_nmyd0nBrKs1qzdl9go4_1280A few photos I took of Covenant at Santos Party House, April 16, 2015.


Instant Satisfaction in less than 140 Characters

It has been so disgustingly long since I’ve posted here, and I miss it. I’ve made all past entries private as an effort to truly start anew. It’s not easy to take time out to write about what’s going on. Last year was quite the whirlwind. My current occupations have me busy to the point where I just want to shut my brain off entirely until the next day. It’s very appealing to fall into the pattern of holing yourself up and hibernating.

Winter was long and disgusting and bitter, as it should be. But Spring is here, everything is beautiful, and I’ll be doing a lot of traveling and fun things that I want to share with whoever wants to read this.


[Pictured above: Seriously, real Spring!]

I’ve also been at odds with “instant satisfaction”. It’s not something I am immune to whatsoever, so it should be made clear that I’m not trying to belittle anyone who partakes in this behavior. The allure of Instagram, twitter, and status updates is not without it’s merits. Moments are shared (and overshared) and we can live vicariously through others. But I’m trying to break the habit. I started longing for those days where I’d come home from a grueling day of middle school and pour out every little detail of my terrible 13 year old life onto Xanga and Livejournal. These websites had their hayday, and I recently received a sort of pathetic email from Livejournal begging me to come back with the promise of a month of free premium membership for every friend I get to come back to this ghost town.

So, here I am attempting to get my ass back into gear.

April 23-27, I’ll be in Chicago working at C2E2 (Artist Alley table M17).

April 30-May 6 I’ll be in Atlanta with Roy. He’s headlining this Star Wars themed event at The Jungle, and who am I to turn that down? I got so excited about it that I bought a transparent cowl dress from House of Widow that I’ve been sitting on for a few months. If you’re in Atlanta, check that out–


[I was thinking about making a Force Awakens pun, but I’ll spare you.]

May 6-11 We’re heading over to Tampa to visit my family and probably go kayaking or something equally friggin’ delightful.

That leaves me with little excuse to not post an update.

So, see you soon–